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Teot Media is an independent production company based in Madrid.  Established in 2012 as the television division of Denkenpro, our objective is to create and develop programmes and formats with high adaptability to travel, standing out for their originallity and quality.

Our Programmes

FOOTBALL COLOURS [ 26 X 6 min Sports HD ]

Documentary fillers that tell the story of where the colours of football teams' shirts come from. Shot in 18 countries.

Season 1 ready for delivery. Season 2 in post-production. Territories available.
Tarjeta - Invitación
Tarjeta - Invitación

SIGNOS DE LOS TIEMPOS [ 6 x 25 min Culture/ Religion HD ]

Documentary series that immerses us into the underworld of the most popular religions in Mexico that aren't recognized by the catholic church. La Santa Muerte, Jesus Malverde, El niño Fidencio , Santería, saints that protect bandits and cure without medicine. Curious and interesting. True, or suggestion?

Broadcast : 2013 Property of ONCE TV (Mexico) Available for adaptations on demand

KEKA MERINO [ 26x 22min or 52 x 11. Sitcom. HD ]

Keka was a star in the 80´s. After a long period she is re-born with her own musical… until the new lead actor comes on scene. Family comedy shot in one set with twelve actors that make the situations hilarious.

Tarjeta - Invitación

Teot Media: Fernando V c/ Fernando VI 11, 4ºK, 28004, Madrid, España +34 913 197 689

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